K l o s w e b s e r v i c e s

What is KWS?

KWS stands for Klos Web Services. It is an initiative for small businesses that I find exciting or interesting to host their web applications.

Contact me through a form below and we will work something out! Depending on your app, the hosting is free or for a very small fee.

KWS is a Dockerized environment and uses a dedicated CDN to deliver static assets.

Projects hosted on KWS

Al Tagliere

Al Tagliere

Small family restaurant located in the center of Prague.


JV Forge

JV Forge

Awesome blacksmith Jaroslav Vrabel. In his forge he is able to create amazing things even from small ideas.


Upcoming projects

Prostě Recept

Prostě Recept

Recipe database. Recipes fast, easily, free, no ads and no registration.
Freddy Assistant

Freddy Assistant

Forms without needing a backend. Static site's best friend.

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